What is online poker staking? Getting staked to play online poker occurs when an investor provides their horse with a bankroll. In exchange, the investor receives 50% of the horse's winnings. If the horse loses money instead, then makeup is accumulated, which will be subtracted from future profits. For example, let's say the investor gives the horse $5000 to play with. Then, the horse loses all $5000. The investor then reloads the horse with another $5000. So the horse has $5000 in their account, and $5000 in accumulated makeup. Then the horse wins another $10,000 so they have $15,000 in their account. $5,000 goes to makeup, and the remaining $5000 in profit is split 50/50.

Why get staked?

Why get staked if you are a winning player? Well, if you don't have a bankroll, then getting staked can be a good way to make money. Many strong winning players have bankroll issues. Or being staked may allow you to play much higher than you can afford on your own. Then you can play on stake, and make a higher hourly without any risk of losing money. Being staked is especially good if you are a losing or break even player, since you cannot actually lose money, and you can run good and win due to variance.

Why stake?

Why should an investor seek out horses? Investing in a winning poker player is a tremendously lucrative investment opportunity. Let's imagine a player winning 10 bb / 100 in soft PLO $25 and PLO $50 games playing 3000 hands per day. Their average BB is $0.38 so they win just under $4 / 100 hands. So they are expected to gross $120 a day. So you provide them with a bankroll of $2000. This is a return of 3% per day, and a return that has the potential to compound. Of course there are many risks associated with staking as well. You might invest in a player, lose a bunch of money on them, determine they are not winners and cut them, and you are out that money. Or you might get scammed. So it is not so straight forward. But once you find a strong winning player to stake, you can easily print money. And often the horse has to spend their profits just to substantially alive so they can continue in your employ for quite some time.

Where to get staked or find horses?

One of the best places to get staked is on the 2+2 forums. The twoplustwo staking forum is a great place to find stakes. You will want to make sure that you have a 100,000 hand winning sample at the stake you want to get backed for. In conclusion, online poker staking is a great opportunity for both horses and investors a like, but you do have to watch out for losing players and scammers.