How Poker Solvers Work

A lot of people these days are asking how poker solvers work. Basically, how poker solvers work, is that they use machine learning to try out different poker strategies. They operate in poker strategy pairs, with each strategy being tweaked to see which one can exploit the other optimally. Eventually, they reach a situation where any deviation from the strategy pair results in being exploited, and you have an unexploitable GTO strategy.

Unbeatable Poker Strategies

The problem is that people end up playing poker vs bots which are using strategies devised by poker solvers. If you thought people were hard to beat at poker, trying playing poker vs bots! And worst of all, while human poker players can try to mimic GTO, they simply cannot play poker in a GTO fashion. But bots can! That is why playing poker vs bots sucks.

How to Avoid GTO Bots

There are some things you can do to ensure that you are playing against human opponents. One thing is to play on the best online poker sites, like PokerStars, that have security to ensure you are not playing poker vs bots. Another thing you can do is try to avoid tougher opponents and play at tables filled with fish. Then even if someone who knows how poker solvers work ends up at the table, at least you will be mostly just playing against losing players. The best online poker sites, have lots of fish, and good security, so that way you find good games that are easy to beat.

GTO only works when heads up

It is important to note that while poker solvers are great for heads up poker games, they have extreme limitations when it comes to multiway pots. So that is another reason to play in soft games, because bots will have trouble playing optimally in mass multiway pots.