Poker in Alberta

Poker in Edmonton

You can play poker at a number of different casinos in Edmonton. Mostly it is just 1/2 NLHE, but there is also a 4/8 dealers choice game that runs at the century casino. The games are hold'em, limit omaha high, pineapple, and o/8. They also have 1/2 NLHE on the weekend. At the Starlight you will find usually just 1/2 NLHE, maybe a bigger game on the weekend. Both of these casinos have table games as well, casino poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps. River cree also spreads 1/2 NLHE. Or it might be 1/3 now. 1/2, 1/3, what difference does it make really. There is usually straddles and a $500 max buyin so the games play pretty big.

The other casinos with poker are the Argyll casino, officially known as Casino Edmonton but it is called the Argyll because it's on Argyll road. There they have 1/2 NLHE and also some 2/5 PLO or sometimes bigger games also. You can also find games at Yellowhead casino where they usually have 1/2 NLHE and 2/5 NLHE. Sometimes the odd bigger game or omaha. Your best bet is to call ahead to the casinos and see what is going on, or go to the casino nearest you because Edmonton is such a massive city.

Poker in Calgary

Calgary has lots of good action. There is Elbow river which runs all sorts of limit games up to and including 20/40 limit, but also a lot of 4/8 as well. And there is deerfoot that has omaha and 1/2 and 2/5 nlhe. There is also the pure casino near the airport there where they have big action omaha games. 5/5 and 5/10. Lots of crazy gambling asians. Grey Eagle also has lively no limit hold'em and plo games. You can also find some games at the Ca$h casino.

Poker in Red Deer

Cash Casino in Redeer has 1/2 NLHE, but the action is really good. That is it for poker in redeer. It's sort of a one horse town. You can also find poker in Camrose, Fort McMurray, and Grand Prarie. Grand Prarie has some big action games, including a 5/10 NLO game that is pretty wild.