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North Dakota Votes Down Online Poker Resolution

The North Dakota state Senate has unanimously voted down House Concurrent Resolution No. 3012, a proposal that would have seen North Dakotans participate in a referendum on the legalization of online poker in their 2022 general election. If the referendum had passed, it would have required the legislature to permit online poker operators to offer regulated internet poker games.

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Evaluating Draws in No Limit Hold'em

Let's say you open with Ts9s from the CO to $3 in a $0.50/$1.00 game and the BB calls. The flop comes AK2 with two spades, and the BB leads out for half pot. Let's ignore the pecularity of the BB donking this flop, which surely favours the preflop raiser, and focus on our draw. In this situation our ten and nine are not worthless but not worth much either. Should, villain could be bluffing, and we could hit a pair, and have the best hand, and not fold it, but that is quite the parlay. On the other hand, we have nine spades, which are probably good. Still, one of our spades pairs the board, and we are drawing to a non nut flush, so could hit and lose. Since our opponent bet half the pot, we are getting 3:1. We know 5 cards, so there are 47 remaining. Of those, we like 9 and dislike 38. 9 x 4 is 36, so we are slightly worse than 4:1 against improving on the turn.